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Comp died

WaitDrag for long time

Get parts to put together new compy

No OS /o\

Friend helps with getting OS (student discount \o/)


PC game time forever and ever

...I don't remember my LJ password, oh well whatever

Wanna do LJ entry huh... Guess I'll go try all the passwords I can remember

Ohhay this one worked! \o/

N> LJ client ☆Here right now

PS: I still can't do Minecraft, and it have nothing to do with spec. ;x;

PPS: What killed Satsuki (my last compy): Terraria.

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Source: Dengeki's report about the GungHo Festival 2011. Didn't see any other sites posting it so eh. Not like the majority of the iRO players will see this anyways. >_>

Bullet points because I'm lazy.

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I keep lost track of what I want to buy and whatnot so.

PlatformGame TitleRelease DateStatusNote
PSPBoku no Natsuyasumi 2ReleasedInterestedNew game may come out this year
PSPBoku no Natsuyasumi 4ReleasedInterestedThe Best version coming out soon
PSPPlanetarianReleasedInterestedNeed to find out what game feels like
DSCooking Mama 2ReleasedBroughtCurse you, Amazon.
PSPSteins;GateJun 23 2011Do wantSo. Which one of you shops out there are willing to ship this sucker outside Japan?
DSNoora to Toki no Koubou: Kiri no Mori no MajoJul 21 2011Pre-orderedSekaiju no Meikyuu + Atelier = !
PSPShinigami to ShoujoJul 28 2011InterestedWould like to know more about the game before deciding.
PSPEiyuu Densetsu: Ao no KisekiSep 29 2011Pre-orderedFalcom please give AmiAmi mini OST too ;w;
PSPTsugi no Giseisha wo Oshirase ShimasuSep 29 2011InterestingNeed to find out more info.

Yes, feel free to call me a Sony fangirl.

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God bless Japan. ><

What Mi's been doing:


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Pront pub
- Red Frame 3k
Pront graveyard
- Bouquet 2k
* 25k base
Geffen behind tower
- 5 Flowers 10z
* 25k base
Pront east library
- Ribbon 800z
* 25k base
* 3x Her Heart
Tame a Munak/Bongun
Central Payon palace
- Tamed Munak Bongun egg
* 25k base
Payon 4 Hydra pool
* 25k base
* Holy Water
Central Payon palace
* 600k base


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Ni no KuniCollapse )

You can't play this game while traveling. That book is required. :|

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Watched the live. Saw the PV. Paid half attention to what people were talking about on the stage. Altered/shorterned convo from IRC about the game.

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So I was playing Zero no Kiseki earlier on my way back home from Downtown 'cause I went to hunt for 999 (and failed ;w; ) and was fighting with a certain sub-quest monster called Bijou... Wait is Bijou actually some monster? 'Cause I keep seeing this name... I'll google it I guess.

Anyways, yeah, these things were doing random stats debuff on my characters and I'm NOT sure if it was just a bug or what but two of my characters got put into an infinite "stop"--as in, it's never their turn to attack. At first I didn't really noticed but I had a speed buff on my party and Lloyd and Tio, the two that got "stuck", never used up their buff while Randy and Ellie keep getting put in front of them after their turn. The only way to get out of that from what I've tried was to use the character's S-Break so they can get back into the time line.

Wonder if this is intended or an actual bug... I think this happens when Bijou attacks with their tarot card-style Tower attack and if that's intended then there's a chance your whole party will get stuck and then it's ずっとビジョウのターン until you S-Breaks out of it... D: That's evil Falcom, real evil. D:

Anyways hopefully I'm like at least close to the ending. 86 hours and going. Man, haven't run into an RPG this long since what, Vesperia?

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Just putting this out here because NONE of the browsers at the work comp here is compatible with TM. Talk about being outdated. Will copypaste it over when I get back home.


This was a quick observation of the results from myself and others who posted theirs on the forum, so correct me if I’m wrong.

Anyways, what it seems like is that the current result pool only cover items from the very first few gachas on this site, the Christmas items, and the animated Lion from that Wiz of Oz gacha. The items I’ve gotten and what’s reported are mostly from old gachas including Royal Ball, Angels and Demons, Welcome to Chinatown, Quarky Hospital(sp?), that pirate gacha which I forgot the name to, the idol gacha where the two-tone Miku-like hair comes from, Japanese New Year, and the Valentine one.

If you don't really care about the old gacha and wanted stuffs from the recent ones, I would suggest holding on to your closet since you're not gonna be getting those. Otherwise if you're in for the old stuffs, go for it.

Furniture + furniture somehow equals Selfy clothing, however that works. =w= Animated + animated will definitely results in an animated. Account bond items can be used too.

There are more than one animation for the item synthesis and it most likely determinds what your item's outcome will be. So far I've gotten these two only:

- Both items flies toward the top of the window and combines
- The two items spin around once and combines

Don't know what's what. Need to dig up JP wiki's list.

If anyone come up with anything else, feel free to add.


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